The Ambient 6 (Console)

by DJ Ashre Finix


Sitting at the main menu screen of my PS Vita and my Wii U console got me thinking "This is some nice peaceful and relaxing music". I decided to then boot up every console I owned and see how many of them had system menu audio. Then i mixed them all together to make this CD.


1. Photo Channel - Slideshow (Scenic) (4:50)
2. Forcast Channel - Home City (Evening) (2:31)
3 - 5. WiiU (1:35)
6. WiiU Main (1:50)
7. 3DS Setup (5:38)
8. DSi System Menu (7:00)
9. Wii System Menu (8:14)
10. WiiU User Select (2:39)
11. DS Download Service (3:54)
12. Gamecube Menu (13:11)
13. PS2 (5:57)
14. XBox (3:07)
15. 3DS System Menu (5:54)


released August 26, 2016



Ohm-N-I Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I make all kinda of music and i am always experimenting with audio.

When you order something from me, should I find that shipping is cheaper then charged, I will refund you the difference.

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