The Ambient 23: Apocalypse

by DJ Ashre Finix


That moment just after the bombs drop and the dust settles, you emerge from your shelter or vault and witness what is left of the world.

Track List:
Kolhoosi 13 - From Comradery To Sustenance (Version)

Cities Last Brodcast - Bascule Bridge (Version)

{Howard Stelzer - Accumulated Background Radiation (Ver. 2)
Nine Inch Nails - 05 Ghosts I} (Version)

Shortwave Transmission - Downward

{Robert Rich & B. Lustmord - Elemental Trigger
Aphex Twin - Curtians} (Version)

{Yen Pox - Purgatorio
Nine Inch Nails - 01 Ghosts I
Nine Inch Nails - 02 Ghosts I
Nine Inch Nails - 09 Ghosts I} (Version)

Fossil Aerosol Mining Project - Telmed 1983 (alt) (Version)

{Thomas Ko?ner - Novarya Zemlya 1
Massive Attack - Teardrop} (Version)

Cyclic Law - Morke

{Shortwave Transmission - Downward
Aphex Twin - Trees} (Version)

Stephan Mathieu - Stasis 8 (Kane's Dream)

{April Larson - Up Below
Nine Inch Nails - 34 Ghosts IV } (Version)

Kaijk Themes - Mothra (モスラ)




released June 16, 2017



Ohm-N-I Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

I make all kinda of music and i am always experimenting with audio.

When you order something from me, should I find that shipping is cheaper then charged, I will refund you the difference.

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